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Mattress Cleaning Service

A clean mattress is essential for keeping you calm, comfortable, and healthy. With the cleaning, you will be able to remove the unpleasant odour from your mattress. It will also maintain the fabric, and our mattress cleaning will keep you secure from disease-causing microorganisms. For cleaning dust, pollen, bed bugs, and bed mites from your mattress, we utilise a Handheld UV Light Vacuum Cleaner. Our mattress cleaners will give specialist care for your mattress using the appropriate machine at a moderate cost. Your mattress will be clean, fresh, and disinfected in every corner. We are the experts you can rely on when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your mattress. Your mattress will be cleaned by us. We will also look after them to ensure that they are not harmed. We utilise environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and solutions that are both effective and kind on your clothing.

Why Choose Us.

Ishan Universal Services recommends that everyone protect their mattress after it has been cleaned. You can use a cloth waterproof mattress cover under your usual bed sheet to cover the mattress. We are the premier couch, carpet, and mattress cleaning company in the area, and we provide the best service at the most affordable price. Our professional cleaners would bring the machine to your home and clean there. On the same day as your reservation, they would vacuum and clean your mattress.

Service Specifications:

Inspection and consultation with the customer

  • Step 1 – Using a HEPA Filter Vacuum to Extract Loose Dust
  • Step 2: Applying steam and sanitising
  • Step 3: Moisture Extraction


  • This is a one-time service.


  • Approximately 20 minutes per seat

Terms & Conditions

  • Sanitation After Steam: After servicing, allow 2-3 hours for drying with the help of a fan and natural ventilation. We cannot guarantee that old stains or stubborn stains will be removed; however, we will do our utmost to do so without hurting the surface The chemical is completely safe for children, the elderly, and pets.

Precautions for Safety

  • The chemical is completely safe for children, the elderly, and pets.